Training Programs


HardHat was founded with the philosophy that if we hire quality tradespeople and partner with them, as well as with our customers, it will be a mutually rewarding experience for all. In order to support our philosophy and create a true partnership with our valued employees, we have developed training programs to provide access to the very best apprenticeship programs available. HardHat personnel are actively involved in these programs and sit on several of the apprenticeship committees.

Our apprenticeship programs are based on a standardized, nationally accredited curriculum from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The NCCER Skills Assessment is widely accepted as Merit Shop construction’s premier measurement of craftsmen proficiency. NCCER credentials provide evidence that the employees who have completed the curriculum have mastered specific skill-sets. Investing in our employee’s future is paramount, so please contact your local office for apprenticeship reimbursement programs.